I now pronounce you business and wife, you may kiss your social life goodbye


The cold and shaky hands, pen at the ready and the man at the opposite side of the desk is cracking jokes—“Don’t sign it! Don’t sign it!”

Wait, I thought you wanted me to sign it…

Of course, under pressure and many fears looming overhead, any joke sounds like it is serious.

Maybe I shouldn’t sign.

….for sickness and in health….

…for richer, and well……


I did sign.


So here I am, ready to take some savings, set up shop for myself and my new husband—my business. It is a real commitment I have given much thought to, including any extramarital rendezvous I may want to have in case Mr. Business gets a little touchy, tense, slow, stressful and worrisome. Except, this is not marriage to break out of nosiree! This marriage has a sentence, with legal restraints. Oy.

Actually, to be quite honest, the panicky feelings quickly escaped as soon as I scrawled my Herbie Hancock (get the reference???) along the line. You would think quite the opposite. Sure, there are many worries now, but I expected that long ago. Otherwise, I would not be diving into this endeavor.

Am I aware that this may affect friendships, relationships and social outings?

Yes I am.

Am I aware I am trading in summer vacations, seasonal breaks and that five-day teacher’s workweek for 100+ hours of paperwork, bookkeeping and well….baking?????

Yes I am.

Well, congratulations, honey you now own a business!!

I was assured yesterday that fear is actually a good thing to feel at this point. It makes you aware. Aware of your surroundings, actions and every other move you plan to make and I have not even opened the doors to the public yet. So, those feelings of breaking down and expecting a panic attack to erupt is actually a good thing. Heh.

Despite the grand sayonara to bar nights, flirting and enjoying the social scene as a late-twenty-something rebel rouser, I have had overwhelming support and excitement from friends and family. Somehow, without the sharing of Facebook, Twitter or Foursquare check-in’s, my phone started to explode with messages of congratulations. Most who know me know that as soon as I walked across the stage at my college graduation six years back knew that my degree was pretty much worthless and I wanted to open a cute bakery. Years later, after working and saving and finally clearing my head from other thoughts (more college, traveling, living in a van down by the river….), I have FINALLY met/found the right people and space to get this moving.

Thank you for every ounce of encouragement and support.



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