a slowly-but-surely straight-shootin’ sonofagun

I had major release ideas a’ brewin’, but had to quickly halt them as soon as I had conceived them. With a shop in the works, my time is completely limited, but I hope to tout my book once the shop is open. Buy a cupcake and a book. Sounds fantastic, right?

I am itching to get another book out there into the world, and I’ve decided to focus on a work-in-progress I have started some time back during the Flour City Blues period. I admit, there were times I wanted to completely hang up FCB and work on another. Or, if there were times I was tired with those characters, I worked on this other piece. I stopped working on it altogether when I finally got the bug to finish FCB, so I let it go.

Now that there is a project that is unfinished, I want to complete it.I always finish what I start–even if it takes me years and many distractions.

Does it involve rock ‘n’ roll, you may ask? It sure does. This book is about music and this really great friendship between a guy and a gal, how music and brought their long-distance together. It spans their four years of college. So far, the flow and speed of the book may take it to novella size. Hopefully, when you’re finished reading FCB and are thirsting for more content by me, this one will be out. Hopefully before the year’s end.


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